After our success with TDP, and having achieved the pinnacle of appreciations from theatre enthusiasts, we deiced that to push our limits further and explore more ways to bring true immersive experience for our audience. Director and Founder Tushar Dalvi fabricated an alternative reality for our fictional tales, which in our vision will be evermore captivating and revolutionary than The Darkroom Project.

A Step into Immersive Theatre

The idea is to give power and a heightened sensory experience to our audience. The Darkroom 2.0 is an immersive journey that has audience travel through a massive space while not just seeing classic stories being performed but experiencing them with multiple senses.

It’s not just about the proximity, but we break the barrier between audience and actors, given the viewers the power to engage, react and make a difference.

We begin with blindfolding you before you enter the hall. You are then greeted by characters from story, who whisper in your ears. It is said a scent can bring back some memories and so we expose you with some scents distinctively from each story.

Our performances are authentic piece from varied ages in which our audience will sense, smell, hear, touch and react to nerve shattering incidents from the darkest corners of our society. These four classical stories are unfolded in unique manner in front of you. To add to it is the thrill of uncertainty, of void which is filled with experiences that linger on for long. The Darkroom Project in its 2.0 version has become an engaging theatre performance that provokes, but not weakens, the sensibility of the audience.


1. Durga Poojo (A True Story) – Anonymous
2. Lihaaf (1941) – Ismat Chughtai
3. Kafan (1936) – Munshi Premchand
4. Khol Do (1952) – Saadat Hasan Manto

Immersive Theatre Aspects:

Touring the Audience
Multi Dimensional Set Up
Unconventional and Open Ended Audience Orientation
Active Participation of the Audience as witnesses or facilitators Provocative approach to old stories
Open Air and Charged Performance and Interaction Arena

Audience and Impact:

With the concept of The Darkroom 2.0 in place, Rangaai Theatre Group is looking forward to young and experimental theatre audience who come with an open mindset. Age is just a number!

Our audience comes from varied fields and they become a crucial part of our immersive theatre project. They decide the fate of the characters from the stories, they speak to the characters, go through the agony of the characters and bring in a resort. They contribute to the show with their

energy and enthusiasm. Moreover, it is from them that our story immerses. We treat them with the best immersive theatre experience.

The impact of such a theatre experience would be that we instill courage in our audience and our society, to accept the present situation, to analysis and to fight back that which proves to be a conflict. They will, with the cast, experience the shivers, comedy, and anxiety of being caught in a ‘do or die’ situation. The

Darkroom 2.0 will be an emotional and psychologically moving ride for audience as we push them into action.

1 Secreat Venue | 1 Landmark Pickup Point | 4 Stories | Multiple Experiences

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