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Istvan Reviews – Monday, 12th June 2023.
Rangaai Theatre Company has crafted a persuasively ominous atmosphere. When you first enter the venue for DARKROOM V4.0 — An Immersive Sensory Experience, you’re encouraged to roam the space freely—to see, touch and smell a variety of objects and photographs. Incense hangs in the charged air where every picture contains a disturbing narrative… Read the Full Article Here. by Katrina Lat, Tuesday, 13th June 2023.
Darkroom V4.0, presented by Mumbai-born, Toronto-based, Rangaai Theatre Company, is an immersive sensory experience bringing to light the “traumatic state of mind, loss, and indignation of mankind through a series of South Asian stories.” Read the Full Article Here



Ishq FM – Mumbai (2017)

Interview with Ishq FM from back in 2017. We discussed our play The Darkroom 2.0. The immersive theatre, the sensory concept, blindfolds, choice of stories, and more.

Radio City – Pune (2022)

Radio interview with Pune Radio City host RJ Sho Sho Shonali. We had an interesting chat over our new Murder Mystery Dinner Party Show – Liar Liar.


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