Liar Liar – A Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Once every decade Secret society of Sleuths (SSS) gears up to hire new recruits for all its regions
(called chapters). Every chapter carefully vets thousands of applications of possible candidates
and selects a handful of profiles for “The Selection” stage. It is an honour for any private eye,
detective, sleuth, or any individual crime and mystery aficionado to be even selected for this
round. And you, my friend, Can be the one.

Congratulations, You’ve taken the right first step. Go ahead and apply if you consider yourself the
master sleuth. At SSS, after a thorough background check and profiling, trainees are selected to
take their first step toward their future sleuth career.

Apply now and join us on the given date and time at the given coordinates of the secret location.
Here you get to solve a cold case under the supervision of the great Detective Gaitonde while
having a scrumptious meal along with a couple of drinks. During ‘The Selection Stage’ You
are put in one of the teams that compete with each other in solving this cold case. The team
that wins the case gets recruited as the official trainees and thus begins their journey. For those
who fail. Well, you can apply again.

So get ready with your thinking hats, scribbling pads, chewed-up pencils, and tic-tacs. You will
need all your wits to ask the right questions, a scribbling pad & a pencil to take notes of important
information, and a pair of sharp eyes and ears to spot the lie and deception that the murderer may
use to throw you off the track.

Remember, at SSS we lookout for ace detectives with excellent deduction skills, brilliant minds,
and quality team players. So be sharp and friendly.
Let’s solve this damn murder together!

Scripted, Designed and Directed by Tushar Tukaram Dalvi
Duration: 2-3 hours depending on the audience’s intellect.
Age – 16+